Remington Deringer .41 Rim Fire Deringer

£ 1,250
Category: Deringer


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.41 Rim Fire Remington Deringer Over & Under Pistol in original Box. In good condition for age.
This is an obsolete Calibre Section 58 pistol which is not deactivate and can be kept as an antique or curio without a Firearms Certificate.


  • Category: Deringer
  • Type: Pistol / Hand Guns
  • Antique: yes
  • Your reference: SSA S58 1
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Make: Remington
  • Mechanism: None
  • Model: Deringer
  • Condition: Used - Good condition for age
  • Recommended Usage: Collection item
  • Manufactured Year: C 1866 -1935

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